A camera bag for a few dollars

So I got a new camera for my birthday a few months back and have been carrying it around in an old makeup box with some bits still wrapped in the bubble wrap that it came in. Tisk Tisk. It's awful and as such I don't always remember to take it out with me, that is something that I need to change.

Now I am a sensible spender, some may say frugal but the point is I don't want to spend alot for something that could be got for a little.

Which has led me to the point that I need to make a camera bag. I have been toying with this idea for a while but just can't find the right bag that I like. So instead I have changed my sights to a camera bag insert that I can transfer from bag to bag and take my camera out in whichever handbag grabs me for the day.

Here are just 2 of the great tute's from blogger's I have come across. So one day, when it's not a public holiday or 3 in a row for that matter, I will make my way to town and get a few supplies to 'whip' one up. Oh man I hope it is that easy to just whip it up, they sure do make it look easy in the beautifully constructed instructions.............

Check 'em out!

How does your camera travel?

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