2 Steps forward

and then 10 steps back it feel like at the moment. This tappan zee is really doing my head in at the moment. I managed the first with absolutley no dramas but this one... well lets just say that it isn;t the only thing RED at the moment!

Just after this picture was taken and I had done another 50 rows, I ripped the body out and had to cast on 10 stitches in the underarm so that I could actually fit my arm WITH a long sleeve shirt under it. I have learnt to try it on as soon as I can get myself into it!

But I am 1/4  of the way back down the body again and I have tried it on and it fits! I have also added an extra button hole, something I wanted to do originally but missed the row at the time and was not going to unpull it just to go back and pop in a 4th button hole.

So hopefully next week I will be showing you my finished project, YAY!

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